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Design Led - Agile

The visual drag and drop interface allows designers, developers and stakeholders to work together to determine the POC using design thinking. Then with our Design Led Agile methodology you can take the POC, extend it with an Agile process and build out the technical elements for the final solution.

Pre-built modules

Umajin makes building advanced solutions much quicker thanks to a library of pre built components, actions and data feeds. Quickly add animation, video, commerce, stores, 3D models, IoT, beacons, location, interactive maps, voice recognition and more.

Collaborative editing

Multiple designers and developers can work together in real time using the Umajin Editor and Umajin Editor lite as they prototype, build, comment and discuss their project.

High performance native editor

The Umajin Editor is not a website but a fully native application for maximum performance and usability.


Build with Actions

Any designer or developer can use the simple actions system to add actions to components on any page. Actions are restricted to a visual list of icons with auto-completing parameters making it easy for everyone to understand the flow of your project.

Extend with Javascript

New Actions, Components & Data Feeds can all be created in JavaScript, debugged and then shared with all designers and developers working on Umajin projects. This re-use is very powerful and allows you to build your own enterprise library for your specific IT ecosystem.


Update Content in the Portal

With the Umajin Portal it's easy to get your solutions into your users hands. Then engage users with fresh data, alerts, news and information using a dynamic CMS.

Capabilities and Compatibility

Future proof your solutions as we continue to update the Umajin Editor and Portal to work with new devices, hardware and iOS, macOS, Windows and Android OS updates.

Export your projects for app stores

Should you require your solutions to be deployed as stand alone applications Umajin has a service to build binaries for iOS, macOS, Windows and Android.

Once you have your binary you can sign, test and upload using all of the tools and services for the operating system you are targeting.

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