Umajin provides pre-built solutions for a wide range of use cases to accelerate your projects quickly

Solution Accelerators

Umajin doesn't just have pre-built components to make design and development faster, Umajin provides pre-built solutions for a wide range of use cases to accelerate your projects quickly;
Examples include;

  • Offline / Indoor wayfinding
  • Asset Inspection
  • Sales Enablement
  • Health and Safety
  • Training and Onboarding
  • Dashboards
  • Events
  • Quoting
  • Security
  • Information Kiosks
  • Entertainment
  • E-Learning
  • Checklists
  • Form capture
  • Surveys
  • Ordering & Fulfilment
  • 3D Gesture

Use Cases


Umajin has pre-built mapping and location services that make it perfect for wayfinding applications. The location services support both traditional GPS based location as well as Bluetooth beacons for multistory buildings, or where GPS is unavailable. The system supports multiple map tiles for zooming focus or floor plans for multi storied buildings.

3D Gesture

Powered by Intel RealSense™, Umajin gesture applications let users control huge screens simply by pointing and waving. Gesture has big benefits over traditional touch methods with regards to hygiene. Examples include areas where food is served or where large volumes of people need to use shared kiosks, such as in airports or hospitals.

Asset Inspection

Smartphones are the perfect tool for mobile asset inspection. Umajin has a wide range of pre-built components that makes it possible to create sophisticated, process-driven asset inspection apps. Take photos, scan barcodes, record status, complete checklists….these are just some of the components available.

Umajin Lab

Digital transformation is essential for business today. The team at Umajin is constantly researching, developing and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with apps and digital interaction.

Digital Workshops

Umajin digital workshops are designed to help your teams learn to create and deploy their own digital solutions. Unlock the power of real time digital processes in your business, by enabling your teams to use Umajin to build applications on top of your existing technology infrastructure.

Innovation Example - AR & Digital Agents

AR is delivering innovative, new technologies with applications in professional, medical and accessibility spaces. As just an example of some of the latest research underway at Umajin, we have been looking into using Augmented Reality and Digital Agents to create next level collaborative environments.

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